MAN TGS Dump Tipper Truck Keyring Keychain 1/56 YELLOW




SIZE:- 1/56

Vehicle model made into Keyring. Jump ring attached to back of vehicle with quality lever style keychain attached to jump ring. All vehicles sourced from manufacturers such as Cararama, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, High Speed, Real Toy etc.

SCALES:- 1/87 scale is the smallest, then 1/72, then 1/64, then the largest size is 1/56.

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All my keyrings are model cars that have been sourced from manufacturers such as Cararama, Realtoy, Corgi, High Speed, Matchbox, Auto Art, Oxford Diecast, Schuco, plus others. The cars have diecast metal bodies and the mostly have plastic undersides. All cars are brand new.


Once sourced they are then made into keyrings by a small discrete hole being made at the rear of the car and a jump ring fed through the hole and a proper keychain with a lever ring attached. The ring is then soldered for added strength.

So in summary they are brand new model cars that have been neatly converted into keyrings


The keyrings are novelty items. The can be used just for show or as actual keyrings. Of course I do have my own car keyring and as its always in my pocket rattling around with the keys and loose change etc so it does get chipped / scratched in every day use!


The cars come in 4 main sizes / scales. 1/56, 1/64, 1/72, & 1/76. For those not familiar with scales I will give you an example. A new BMW made Mini Cooper, in 1/56 scale the Mini is approx 65mm long, 30mm wide, 25mm high. Now the same car in 1/64 scale will be approx 60mm long, 28mm wide, 23mm high. 1/64 scale isn’t a lot different from 1/56. Finally 1/72 scale also known as 00 gauge, the Mini in 1/72 would be approx 50mm long, 24mm wide, 20mm high. 1/76 would be slightly smaller than the 1/72 but hardly noticeable. My personal preference is the 1/76 scale because they are the smallest. 1/87 is very small but I do not tend to do that many in this scale

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